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The goal of Peau Beauty + Wellness is to educate beauty professionals on the effects associated with cancer and cancer treatment as well as provide them with the tools to address various skin conditions. Our workshops will also help beauty professionals augment the traditional education they receive and expand their current business models to adapt to market demand.




Essential (One Day) $275.00

Makeup plays an important role in the recovery for clients who have undergone plastic and reconstructive surgery, facial disfigurements or skin discolorations. This hands on workshop prepares the makeup artist to offer this valuable service whether they work as a freelancer, in a spa or clinical setting with the essential technical skills and knowledge to treat a variety of clients who are affected by cancer.

This workshop includes:

  • The basics of cancer as it relates to skincare
  • How cancer affects our clients mentally and emotionally
  • Sterile technique/ Work area & sanitation
  • Supplies, kits & tools
  • Color theory/ Color matching & blending
  • Hands on demo with survivors
  • Ingredients in skincare & makeup applications
  • Practical skills assessment
  • Consultation session with a Peau + Beauty and Wellness instructor
  • Certificate of Completion

Intensive Workshop ( 2 day ) $899.00

This is a comprehensive two part workshop that is ideal for existing business owners and esthetic professionals. During the first part of the workshop participants will receive training on not only the effects of cancer, and correct products and makeup applications for clients patients. During the second portion of the workshop attendees will have the opportunity to consult with Peau on their business models, and discuss how to adapt their current services to those who suffer from cancer. The Intensive Workshop is perfectly suited for spas, hair salons, cancer, and wellness centers desiring to expand their services by incorporating a health-related service. Upon completion of the workshop you will have the confidence to train your employees and the skills to enable you to move to a retailed-oriented business model that is inclusive of people with cancer if desired.
Peau Beauty & Wellness also offers custom cosmetic product development the products that are produced are innovative, high quality and the ingredients are well researched and screened for efficacy and can be safely used on skins with various health challenges.

This workshop includes:

  • Understanding Cancer
  • Oncology Surgery
  • Anti-Cancer Drug Therapy
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Ingredients in Skincare
  • Skin Cancer
  • Case Studies
  • Marketing
  • Certificate of Completion