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Meet Nicole



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Nicole Scott is a Certified Oncology Aesthetician and makeup artist with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. As a sought-after skin care specialist, she has assisted many working professionals, cancer patients, and underserved women achieve and maintain gorgeous, and healthy skin. After seeing a tremendous need in skincare treatments designed specifically for those in the process of undergoing post and pre cancer treatment it became her mission to establish Peau Beauty + Wellness. Nicole has received international training with advanced certification in cosmetic esthetics as well as oncology aesthetics. Her studies include certification from the prestigious Oncology Training International.



About Peau

The mission of Peau Beauty + Wellness is to offer a nationally accredited two day training program this advanced course enables qualified beauty and wellness professionals to gain a deeper understanding of what cancer is, the staging and grading of cancer and how professional treatments need to be modified for clients with cancer. We also educate the importance of using clean beauty products that are not toxic or harmful to people who are undergoing cancer treatment.

As part of our mission to help all beauty and wellness professionals open their doors to those going through the cancer journey, we pride ourselves on offering an extremely high standard training to ensure beauty and wellness professionals feel confident they can offer clients a relaxing and soothing experience from the moment they walk into the spa or sit in the makeup chair.