professional training

peau workshops


Our accredited training workshops and seminars are highly interactive our instructors work closely with attendees to provide ongoing opportunities for feedback and active participation during the learning process. This openness allows our instructors to provide the appropriate support, resources, and ongoing mentorship to our attendees. At the end of each of our workshops you will receive a foundational understanding of cancer and how to market your services to increase clientele.





By gaining a certification of completion and become certified as a Peau Beauty & Wellness Expert you’ll gain the following:

  • Ongoing support

  • Resources

  • Mentorship

  • Access to our exclusive support community

  • How to utilize knowledge gained to increase your client base

  • Hands-on training with survivors




Peau Beauty and Wellness and its licensees are not responsible for travel or related costs under any circumstances. Students may want to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance.  Training fee is based on the currency where student resides.